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   A mold inspection is an initial step to identifying mold issues inside your home. It will help identify any conducive situations to microbial growth such as damp areas and musty odors. Our company uses infrared technology and moisture meters to help identify potential mold-infested areas.  We give your home a thorough examination from the interior walls, to around plumbing pipes, and roof penetrations. We also check the exterior for unsealed penetrations and cracks, the grade is checked as well because this can also cause potential mold issues.  We also use hydrometers to determine humidity to ensure it is in the safe range.

In most situations, air and/or swab sampling is recommended when performing a mold inspection to help ensure the inspection's quality  (see the mold sampling page for more information).

Image by Sandy Millar

Here are some of the tools used to identify possible mold concerns.


  • Infrared Camera

  • Moisture Meter

  • Hydrometer

Should I have my home inspected for mold?


Most of the time our company recommends that your home is checked for mold especially if mold is suspected either visually or if you are having symptoms such as frequent headaches, allergies, itching or irritation of the eyes and nose area, persistent sore throat, respiratory issues or mysterious skin rashes or if you are noticing a musty odor inside your home or if your home feels damp. There are sometimes that a mold inspection with air sampling is not recommended. This is when there is a very obvious mold problem, in these types of situations we recommend that you contact a mold remediation contractor or your insurance company for repairs and clean up of the mold immediately. Once the mold is cleaned up our company would be happy to assist you with a clearance test (see the mold sampling page for more information).

A close-up view of a home inspector at work in a residential basement, assessing signs of
Image by Brendan Stephens

Are you buying a home or property and are concerned about mold?


As an inspector in this area for many years, one of my main concerns is homes that are left vacant. Air conditioning systems are left off and the home is subject to high humidity and a lack of maintenance, sometimes for years.  These types of conditions can lead to significant mold issues, which are sometimes not apparent at all.  Do yourself a favor and contact our office to set a mold inspection with air sampling to ensure your health and financial investment.

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