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What is Mold Air Sampling?

Mold air sampling is when the air inside your home is tested through air collection devices such as a sampling pump and spore traps.  The samples are then sent to a lab for proper analysis.

This is what a typical sampling pump looks like


The purpose of Air Sampling

The purpose of air sampling is to determine the type, species, and amount of airborne contamination in a home or building. Air sampling may be necessary if the presence of mold, allergens, or toxins is suspected but cannot be identified by a visual inspection. When air sampling is performed,  both the indoor air and outdoor air are sampled, so the results can be compared to see if a problem exists. Typically, the indoor sample is taken while the heating and/or air conditioning system is operating; this will ensure the interior air is effectively tested. Once the samples are taken they are immediately sent to a lab for proper analysis. This process usually takes about three days from the start of the sampling to the finished report which is usually delivered through email. Contact our offices if you are interested in this service and we would be happy to tell you more.

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