What is composite wood siding and why does it fail?

Often referred to as fake or composite wood, composite wood siding is a man-made product that uses various combinations of wood chips and glue, overlaid with very thin laminate, to give a "real wood" look on the surface.

For the most part, composite siding does not handle water very well, causing wood fibers to expand and contract causing the boards to crack, buckle, peel and delaminate. As the paint cracks, it allows more moisture damage to occur, and fungi and bacteria to penetrate the wet wood. Other factors contribute to the failure of composite wood siding such as the quality of its installation and/or the design of the structure.
Why must I deal with this problem ?

The siding could cause subsequent damage to other products on your home such as wall and roof sheathing and other interior products.

You could have a problem selling your home in the future. You could be held legally accountable for not disclosing this product and its problems to a potential buyer. As homebuyers become increasingly sophisticated and do their own research, they will discover that this product exists on your home and may select another home.

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