Why do I need a 4 point inspection?

Most all insurance companies have become more and more hesitant to issue homeowner's insurance for aged homes (usually 30 years old or more). Their concerns are that there could be deficiencies in an older home that may become a liability, which is why you may need a Florida home inspector to complete a 4 point inspection on your home.

For an example, a home with an older roof may leak or fail while insured and the homeowner may seek money from their insurance company for water damage inside the home. Other examples are the condition of the air conditioning and heating system, plumbing, or electric. If these key components are in fair or poor condition or are in need of being updated and replaced they may fail and cause water damage or even worse a major fire.

4 point home insurance inspections focus only on the 4 major systems of the home.

  • Air conditioning and heating system
  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing system
  • Roofing

Can anyone perform a 4 point home inspection in Florida or can I fill out the necessary forms on my own?

Insurance companies prefer to use licensed NACHI Home Inspectors to complete the 4 point inspection. A home owner is not permitted to fill out the 4 point inspection form themselves.

Is there a special form that needs to be filled out?

Yes, we provide a 4 point inspection form that we fill out, it covers all 4 points of the 4 point Inspection.

Can I use a 4 point inspection in the place of a normal home inspection?

No, a 4 point inspection is for insurance companies only in order to protect them from liability. A 4 point inspection does not protect the home owners interest.

We provide our 4 point Inspections in Volusia, Flagler, and St. Johns Counties.

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